Power washing is the solution you have been looking for to get your houses exterior clean and your driveway shining like its brand new.

Pressure Washing Philadelphia

Pressure washing or commonly known as power washing is done using high-pressure water spray that helps to remove mold, dust, mud, grime, dirt, and loose paint from any surface whether it is a building, concrete surface, or a vehicle. The power washing machine comes with a label of its pressure capacity and water used per minute in gallons or liters. The pressure is adjustable depending on the surface it is being used the main thing to keep in mind is to look out for the recommended pressure for any kind of surface.

Our Pressure Washing Philadelphia team is aware of how to handle the surface with care and not damage it in the process. In all honesty pressure washing is a careful job that requires knowledge, understanding, and in-depth experience of how to handle certain surfaces and keep them from getting damaged. We have the experience and knowledge you seek so feel free to have an appointment with our experts.

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Types of Power Washing

Power washing and pressure washing in many cases are used interchangeably and they are somewhat debated if they are two different things or not. The two types of power washing are heated or cold power washing where jet washing uses heated water while normal power washing doesn’t.

Pressure washing

The amount of pressure being used in the wash comes down to what type of surface we are dealing with. Take the concrete surface as an example as the surface is tough and durable we need to use a higher pressure. The porous nature of the concrete makes the contaminations get soaked into the surface needing high pressure to clean the surface. In the end, it again comes down to finding the sweet spot for the surface to pressure, and our pressure washing Philadelphia team has the expertise and knowledge to deal with any kind of surface efficiently and safely.

Soft washing

A soft wash is a delicate process that needs a little amount of water pressure, the pressure is however higher than normal. A soft wash is done using cleansers and a soft bristle brush to get the tough areas cleaned. Soft washing is often used for the siding, which usually comes down to the type of siding we are dealing with at your home and so the water pressure is maintained.

A great example of soft washing will be when cleaning a roof. Asphalt shingles are mild surfaces and need little to no water pressure. The cleanser comes into play here and makes the algae, black streaks, etc. cleaning easy.

Benefits of Power Washing in Philadelphia

Are you in search of getting your house cleaned and haven’t found a reliable company? With Absolute painting, you don’t have to worry about commitments, promises, and on-time delivery. We are your most reliable contractors and we know you want mental peace with your work. We are available in your local area of Philadelphia and we will be more than happy to provide you with the power washing services you have been looking for.

Our power washing Philadelphia team is more than capable to provide you with cleaning the deck, driveway, siding, exterior, and other surfaces around your house to remove dirt, sediment, and other debris. We can help you reduce the wear and tear by ridding your exterior of chalk, mold, insects, weeds, and anything that puts dullness on your home’s exterior.

Working with Absolute painting we are your safe bet and protection. Working with professionals from Absolute Painting you get other benefits such as:

  • Saving water
  • Preventing injury
  • Preventing damage
  • Disinfecting your house
  • Saving you time and money
  • Enhancing your home’s glow
  • Sanitizing your outdoor space

A clean house not only looks good to on-lookers but can it also sell better on the market if you are thinking about selling your real estate.

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We are available in your local area and we are just a call away feel free to contact us with our online web form or give us a call on our numbers we will be happy to assist with all your power washing needs.